Vioguard UVKB50 Self-Sanitizing Keyboard Keeps Geek Healthy

I believe most of PC or laptop user are lazy in cleaning their keyboard especially pile of jobs queuing ahead. The fastest solution up until now is to shield the keyboard using silicone based layer to keep the keyboard clean from germs or bacteria. But the downside is you have to waste the silicone regularly but I’m sure most of us wouldn’t do it if the silicone haven’t get dirty visually! :)


Well, to keep your fingers free from germs or viruses, there is a better solution now. Vioguard has release the UVKB50 Self-Sanitizing keyboard that would help you hunt and kill bacteria in seconds using 50W of UV light sources. This included viruses or bacteria that can cause swine flue, MRSA or other killer illness.

According to Vioguard, this self-sanitizing keyboard can kill 99.99% all viruses and germs. The keyboard itself will automatically disinfects itself by pulling into the thick drawer after use and the top side could be used as LCD resting point. The keyboard itself has a full-size layout, low profile, and you can find a trackpad with two click buttons to the right which is pretty a convenient feature.

Vioguard UVKB50 Self-Sanitizing Keyboard will be available on November 2009 for a whopping $899.

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