Samsung Needle LCD TV – As Slim as Needle

Needle slim? Well, yes. The latest Samsung LED HDTV was introduced as the Samsung Needle Slim LED TV, the HDTV with thickness of a needle, a 3.9mm needle of course! :)


Well there is still a barrier in the technology advancement to produce display that has the thickness of an acupuncture needle. But it’s now possible to create one with thickness of a knitting needle. Of course, after creating such a super thin LED TV, Samsung Needle LED TV has been claimed as the world’s first slimmest LCD TV.



This LED TV will gets full HD support 1080p, carrying the 40-inch screen size, has the contrast ratio of 5000:1, and super fast 120Hz processing. The Samsung Needle LED TV will be unveiled at the Japan FPD International 2009 in Yokohama, but no idea when it will be available worldwide and the price tag is still a mystery.

[via Aving, GadgetVenue]

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