Samsung Ultra-Thin 10.1-inch e-Paper Display

At the FPD International show in Japan, Samsung is not only showing off their needle thin LCD TV, they also unveiled their own e-paper device to let the world know they are excellent in producing display gadget. Samsung e-paper device come in a 10.1-inch screen size, ultra-thin, consist of TFT glass substrate and plastic color filter and e-paper. The screen can display up to 450×600 pixels resolution, but has a low contrast ratio at 10:1 only.


The reflectance is fixed at 12 percent while it reproduces about seven percent of the NTSC color gamut. The display is just 0.7mm thick.

Looks quite promising, but no one is allow to touch the device yet. Samsung planned to market this Ultra-thin flexible e-paper display in the next one or two year and most-likely they will make it as an ebook reader similar to Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

[via Electronista]

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