LG and Samsung Transparent OLED Displays

LG and together with Samsung has revealed another mind blowing technology of Transparent OLED Displays at the shows FDP International 2009 at Pacifico Yokohama, Japan. These transparent display is believed to be the next generation display where you can get your image displayed on a thin and transparent material.

Even better, the transparent OLED display will give you double sided display result. See the image below for more detail.



The technology of Transparent OLED Display is made possible using transparent materials that has positive and negative electrodes, and organic EL light that exist at the both side.

No info whether if the screen have a touch screen functionality or not, but it looks impossible for now. Unlike e-paper display with flexible material and touchable panel, these transparent OLED displays technology is still in its infancy and need more touches from the scientist to transform it into a better alien-tech device for the future. :)

Well, both company hasn’t yet to announce when these displays are going to available for the consumer market and how much it will cost when this thing available is still a mystery.

[via FreshGadgetNews]

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