ROPID Robot Looks Like a Cute Naughty Child

A clever Japanese named Tomotaka Takahashi has created a super cute child size robot called Lopid (or ROPID). This cute robot looks very cool, like Astroboy, can hear voice commands, can jumpd, can walk like a cheerful baby, can get up by himself and can even balance himself to prevent drop. Oh, damn! It’s so adorable! 😀


ROPID was produced by Tomotaka with the help of some liquid brains in Kyoto University. Overall height is about 38cm only, while it weight in 1,600g or 1.6 kilogram, as light as a netbook I guess.


Wonderful, it seems the robotic toy for modern children is getting interesting. The only fact that they haven’t revealed yet were the release date and pricing. I wonder if this cute ROPID robot will cost a fortune to own one…

Watch the following video for the actions:

[via Neo Gadget]

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