Nintendo DSi LL – The XL version of DSi Handheld Console


Thanks to the generous Nintendo Company, they’ve decided and launched the new version of Nintendo DSi with a much larger screen to support the bigger game display and prevent their gamers to have an eyesore playing NDS games. Oh, I feel it clearly when playing with my Nintendo DSi. Especially when play them for long hour trying to finish RPG Games similar to Suikoden. So a larger screen is actually helping me to avoid eye strains! :)


This version is called Nintendo DSi LL, which I translated it to the XL version of Nintendo DSi that feature a 4.2-inch screen, a distinctive themed case, and a larger stylus pen for battle. Technically speaking, Nintendo DSi LL is 93% larger than the previous screen size, giving more pixels to display larger fonts, browse the net and play your multimedia files.

Nintendo DSi LL Specs:

Screen Size
• DSi LL: 4.2 inches

Hardware Size
• DSi LL (across): 161mm
• DSi LL (front to back): 94.4mm
• DSi LL (thickness): 21.2mm

Touch Pen Size
• DSi LL (short pen): 96mm
DSi LL (long pen): 129.3mm

• DSi LL (including Battery Pack, short Touch Pen): 314g

Charging Time

• DSi LL: 3 hours

Battery Life
• DSi LL (Lowest Brightness): 13~17 hours
• DSi LL (Second Lowest Brightness): 11~14 hours
• DSi LL (Middle Brightness): 9~11 hours
• DSi LL (Second Highest Brightness): 6~8 hours
• DSi LL (Highest Brightness): 4~5 hours

Supported Software
• DSi LL: Nintendo DS, DSi, DSiWare

Input Outport Slots
• DSi LL: DS Card Slot, SD Memory Card Slot, AC Adaptor, Headphones, Mic

Nintendo DSi LL is also coming with a pre-installed DSiWare titles: Two brain training games and DS easy dictionary. The handheld console is going to be available in three colors (Dark Brown, Wine Red and Natural White) at the price tag of US$220 to own one (Release: November 21st).

[via Kotaku]

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