NVIDIA Fermi: The Life-Like 3D Rendering GPU

UPDATE: Hoax! This information is real, but the screenshots are fake! Hoax and 100% not rendered by NVIDIA graphic engine. It seems there is some naughty fingers at the Chinese forum to upload those images…

Finally, a gamers long waited Life-Like 3D rendering GPU is being developed by NVIDIA under the code name of ‘Fermi’. NVIDIA Fermi, or also known as GeForce GT300 series will virtually transform the gaming experience into a whole new level of excitement by providing a never seen Life-Like 3D rendering GPU. Take a look at the following images rendered with the NVIDIA Fermi 3D Rendering engine:



Okay, don’t look at me. Those pictures are 100% digital citizen with realistic skins and glares. This information was actually a leaked from Chinese’s forum PCzilla. The leak said that NVIDIA GeForce GT300 will carry as many as 512 processing cores that is high enough to produce a real-life imaging quality, where it can render faces like real, plus the natural looking hair and skin glare. The NVIDIA Fermi would be distributed on both PC (GT300) and notebook (GTS 360 M) market, which enable users to enjoy a high level of graphical performance on both desktop and mobile environment.


[Source: i4u and Coated]

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  • WOW….

    This will open up more than just gaming opportunities. It might revolutionize a lot of 3D fields.

    • Yes mate. It should have a great impact on 3D market in the future. Though the NVIDIA fermi is not official yet, I can’t wait to see how the result looks like with my bare eyes! :)

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