Tauntaun Innards Geeky Wedding Cake – I’m Sure You Won’t Eat that!

Geeky Star Wars fans? Wants your wedding/birthday to be filled with Star Wars Stuffs? Then you might love this Tauntaun Innards cake and Storm Troopers as the guardian!


Okay, the troops move aside for now and let’s just focus your eyes on the cake. It’s completely Star Wars’ taste, and you might don’t even want to touch the wedding cake because it looks freaking cool! Check out below for the zoom size of the Tauntaun Innards cake:


Oopss, Kind of creepy but it looks very awesome and created in detail. Luke looks handsome, but I guess it’s a bad idea sleeping down there in the stomach… and believe me, you don’t wanna eat that. :)

[via Gizmodo]

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