Air Board Hovercraft – Your Future Personal Floating Hoverboard

Segway are nothing if you compare it with this Air Board Hovercraft, which is a new air-floating vehicle where you can fly over hard surfaces (concrete, asphalt, grass or shallow wet areas, etc) as high as 8-inches off the ground with top speed up to 15 mph.


So how do this vehicle float and hover on hard ground? Unlike the hoverboard seen in the ‘Back to the Future’ movie that use mysterious force to make the board floating, the answer is the bottomside vacuum technology that deflect gravity pushing the Air Board 8-inch off the ground.


There are two levers for controlling the break and acceleration, while turning left or right is accomplished by shifting your body weight to the direction you want. Though it looks cool, this Air Board Hovercraft is not made with eco-friendly in mind because it run through 1.3 gallons of fuel every single hour. Even worst, this Air Board Hovercraft will cost your a whopping $14,000! damn! :)

[via TheCoolGadgets, TechChee]

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