Lazy Method of Getting a Tissue: Remote Controlled Tissue Box Case!

If you think standing on your own foot walking pass your home or room and rise up your hand to get a pieces of tissue will cost you lots of ‘natural energy’ and you’ll sweating like hell, then this Remote Controlled Tissue Box Case is designed just for you.


Featuring a car-like tissue holder where you can control its movement via remote control. Anything else you need to get a tissue is a basic driving skill similar to R/C car. So, whenever you are having flu, lazy to get up, no idea how to get a tissue without getting out of your bed, then you’ll just need to pick up the controller, drive it to your side, and you’ll get your tissue. Damn, this is a nonsense. :)

This gadget is only available in Japan for the equivalent price of $25. Pretty cheap actually… More detail on the video below:

[via TecheBlog]

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