Sketch Art: A Lite-Brite 2.0


Revolutionized Lite-Brite? Well, it looks like one because this Sketch Art did change the way you play with the pegs of lights. It seems there is no more pegs holes located on the dashboard, all you get is a flat black interface that has some kind of energy induction technology where if the LEDs touch the flat surface, it will light up automagically.


The Sketch Art comes with 100 3mm LEDs of assorted colors, made of plastic and magnetic base to stick onto the flat panel to show us their beauty. This Hi-Tec Sketch Art is available for $49.95 at Hi-Tech Art’s official site. I guess if you are the fans of the classical Lite-Brite, this advanced hole-less Lite Brite should be able to entertain you.

[Source: Ohgizmo, via CoolestGadgets]

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