Litl Presents Webbook: The Cloud Netbook

Litl, a boston-based company has released their ‘Webbook’, an Atom-powered netbook running cloud OS (web connected). You might have heard about cloud computing, and that’s what Litl is all about. Hardware-wise, Litl Webbook got a 12-inch screen, 1.6Ghz Atom Processor, 1GB or RAM, 2GB flash storage.


It did has a low specs but thanks to the cloud computing system, this Webbook is nothing like Windows OS-based PC. The company claimed Litl machine is easier to user, faster start up, can connect with family and friends easier, and you can even access to facebook, Flickr or Shutterfly for photo sharing and 5-day forcasts on weather conditions with automatic updates.


“As everything from music and photos to email and social networking moves online, it’s clear that the web is transforming personal computing. And yet, most homes are still using computers and software based on thinking from more than 30 years ago,” said Litl’s founder and CEO John Chuang.

“We knew that to really meet the needs of home users – from kids to parents and grandparents – we needed to design an entirely new system that would make the web engaging, entertaining and fun.”

The Litl Webbook has available now and you can get it for $699 only.

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