Mickey Mouse USB Hub That Glows In The Dark

As a glowing stuffs lover, I always intrigue to post it here at this blog. Perhaps that’s purely my personal hobby, but look at this gadget. It’s purely beautiful and undeniable when you shut down your light and let it shine like a star! :)



Mickey Mouse USB hub is another cool creation by Brando. Yep, it’s been awhile I haven’t touch Brando’s product until I see this. It has no special features though… Beside its 4 tentacles as your USB Hub that support USB 2.0 (not USB 3.0 yet! Sorry), backward compatibility with USB 1.1, Support Vista and Windows 7, but the best of all – it glows in multi-color in the dark! You can see the video at Brando site.


Mickey Mouse USB hub is yours for $20 only. So if you have spare bucks left in your pocket, do get one to let it glows in your room. :)

[Product Page via ChipChick]

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