USB Snakescope Camera – Brilliant Camera to Explore Narrow Areas

USB Snakescope camera, shape like a badminton racket at the handle area while neck lurk like a one eye black snake readies to help you exploring hard to reach areas such as your car’s engine internal area or any type of nook and crannies.


It looks like a spy camera that you can stuff into a peephole, but sadly you cannot control how the camera facing when you insert into the narrow space. But at least the neck is a semi-flexible tube, where you can bend it anywhere as you like. The USB Snakescope camera is USB powered, so you’ll have a USB 2.0 connector at the other end of the camera. The camera itself can show you images at the level of 640 x 480 pixels VGA resolution

The Best of this tools is the USB Snakescope Device come with idiot-proof software that will allow you to view, tweak and archive your findings area and you also got a clip-on magnetic attachment so you can retrieve lost screws and other metallic items that have dropped out of reach.

If you are interested, you can find this USB Snakescope Camera at Firebox for £29.99 only.

[via Winarco]

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  • Qai

    Where could i get the snake camera in Malaysia?
    How much would it costs?

    • Hi There, I’m not sure if Firebox can ship to Malaysia or not, you should contact Firebox Directly regarding this question. The cost would be 29.99 + shipping cost (if they do ship international). Here is the link to contact Firebox Support:

      Hope it helps and thanks for commenting!

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