Conmoto Ethanol Rolling Fireplace

Do you remember the conmoto portable fireplace? That fireplace with sky high price tag has got a new design. Bringing the square shaped fireplace into a wheel-like rolling fireplace.


he Roll Fire ethanol fireplace will warm your heart the same way it warms your fingers and toes – with its stylish circular design and a dancing flame at the center. This sculptural ultra modern fireplace can easily face any direction to turn any room into a comfy cocoon for the winter. Just roll it where you want some warmth. Beyond turning up the temperature, this fireplace will turn up the heat with its sophisticated, eye-catching design. The circular body finished in black powder-coated steel, and measures 65 by 22 cm with front and rear glass panels.

The rolling fireplace looks very unique, but sadly, there is no pricing disclosed yet. However, judging from the previous version, this conmoto rolling fireplace should be about thousands of dollars to get one.

[via Trendirs]

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