MultiPin Digital Pinball Machine: 17 Games in 1 Machine

After the Miniature Golf Game, Hammacher has another interesting new toy (but expensive) added to their inventory. The name is MultiPin from Nanotech, which is a digital Pinball Machine with realistic physical look despite of its digital system.


Nanotech’s Multipin carries up to 17 games in one machine, getting one of this machine it’s equal to get 17 pinball machines with one price. Multipin features big 32-inch HD 720p LCD Monitor as the virtual pinball surface, a realistic sound effects that you would hear from playing a real mechanical pinball machine, mechanical plunger, flipper buttons and a digital motion sensor that allo you to nudge and shake ball like real.

There is also a separated LCD screen above the board, where you can see the top scores, mini games, or something else. Looks exactly like the pinball machine that you can find at your nearest arcade game station.

Here is the demo of MultiPin Virtual Pinball Machine:

If you are one of the hardcore pinballer, you can actually buy this cool pinball machine at Hammacher for $6,000. Well, that’s sure a deep price to pay. But I guess fans won’t complain much if it’s all about their passion. Or if you are rich and generous enough, you can make this as a super surprise Christmas gift for your cousins or nephews. 😉

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