TwitterPeek for Hardcore Twitter Users

If you love to do twitter update like crazy with your mobile phone or mobile device and can’t live your day without twitting your life, then this TwitterPeek will be a great messaging device for you which has been exclusively designed for Twitter user.


“TwitterPeek keeps you connected with instant tweet delivery, so you’re always the first to receive timely, fun, useful and provocative information direct from the source. You might follow the New York Times for breaking news. Lance Armstrong might invite you along on a bike ride through Hamburg.

Oprah might let you in on the latest book she’s reading. Or, better yet, you might discover the coffee shop around the corner is offering free scones until 11 am for all tweeters. You’ll discover an infinite world of conversation with the nifty, pocket-sized TwitterPeek.

Perfect for Twitter addicts, newbies or anyone interested in getting into Twitter, TwitterPeek makes a great holiday gift. It’s everything you love about Twitter packed into a slim, lightweight mobile gadget that works anywhere in the US – no wifi necessary! Tweet, retweet, reply and direct message your favorite celebrities, friends, co-workers and family.

TwitterPeek’s intuitive menu, handy scroll wheel and universal tweet inbox make it as easy to master as email. ”

  • World’s first Twitter mobile device
  • Unlimited tweets and direct messages
  • Nationwide coverage. No wifi signal necessary
  • Includes service for lifetime of device
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • “Always on” instant tweet delivery
  • Full QWERTY keyboard, large color screen, click scroll wheel
  • Long battery life lasts up to 4 days

You can pick up either the black or blue color of TwitterPeek on Amazon for $199.99 with lifetime service.

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