Rumor: 8GB iPhone 3GS $99 on This Christmas

Rumor said that this year Santa Clause will present us a 8GB iPhone 3GS as the Christmas gift, but you have to pay the delivery cost at $99 only.

What? why the hell Santa needs you to pay?! Well, It’s because of the Santa is Apple, not the usually Red-Cloth with White-Long-beard Santa clause! :)


It seems the rumor is hot lately as the Christmas season getting near. The iPhone 3GS 8GB model would be dropped to the icy-ground for $99 only, which is about the half of the current 3GS price.

However, it will come with some kind of disadvantages such as it won’t have a video camera (substituted with Still camera), no digital compass, and no Voice Control option available.

Well, rumor remains a rumor. No true fact revealed yet so you can still hope Apple is generous enough to decrease the size without removing the features of the phone.

[via MaCobServer]

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  • guest

    You are reporting this rumor incorrectly. The Iphone 3G is the one without the Video Camera, Digital Compass, or Voice Control. It looks as if you paraphrased a comparison in another blog incorrectly. The rumor is that it will be an 8GB Iphone 3GS, as compared to a 16 GB 3GS currently priced at $199. There is no rumor that they will remove extra “features” that come stock in the 3Gs model. That wouldn’t make sense.

    Of course, in the end we are arguing about rumors, here. Ha ha.

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