SoundRacer: Turn Your Family Sedan into V10 SuperCar


Well, I have to tell the truth before you read further. The Soundracer will turn your family sedan into a V10 powered SuperCar, but, it’s the sounds only. SoundRacer is not Doraemon’s tool, where it can morph on an old junk into a super high-end vehicle instantly.

SoundRacer, by far is the most interesting addons for your cars (any car) with cigarette lighter. Just plug in the SoundRacer to the lighter slot and an V10 Supercar is at your service. The device would detect your car’s RPM, and it will use FM transmitter to play the real V10 supercar engine sounds on your car’s speakers in sync with your car engine.

Why? you think it’s impossible? here is the video proof of SoundRacer:

SoundRacer has a developed a special technology to sense and calculate the car engine rpm and produce the sounds of a powerful Super Sports Car engine. The sound changes as you drive and SoundRacer even increases the speed of the engine sound so that you can drive at a normal speed and still get a very exciting engine sound.

Interesting, right? :)

Sounds like driving a super fast car rocking the road like wild racer. If you are sold by this piece of brilliant device, it’s just $39.99 to own one and you get to choose between V8 and V10 engine model at SafeWireless. Consider Christmas is just a month from now, I guess it might make a great gift for your friends.

[via Ohgizmo]

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