Roomba Cleaning Robot Modded as a Roomba Pac-man


A bunch of clever developers have hacked 5 Roombas into a Roomba Pac-man games complete with the Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde Ghost buddies. The Rooma Pac-man will work just like the real Pac-man game. It must avoid the ghosts while trying to gulp all the pellets, If captured by the ghost, the Pac-Man will lost it’s live and return to the default position. Check out the video for more detail:

Now what was this demonstration for? purely for showing their intelligent? Well, not exactly. The Demonstration of this Pac-man game is supposedly to demonstrate the technology behind it – The Unmanned Aerial System Suite, which is designed exclusively for guidance of airborne vehicles. So the Roomba Pac-man is just a fun project done by the clever developer to satisfied their geeky heads. :)

[via Walyou]

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