The Retro Cool Open Office Mouse is Also a 18-buttons Gaming Mouse

Check out this cool retro looking mouse which is also known as the OOMouse, a mouse made exclusively for Open Office users. There are a handful of buttons (18 of them) added to the both left and right click, and their are tame enough to let you reprogram the function to any function you like, and I guess it’s especially good if you are going to use it to play WOW or other online games that have lots of spells to cast.



“You can do far more with this mouse than most people are likely to realize at first,” said mouse designer Theodore Beale.

“You can launch applications from the desktop, and in your browser you can fire up a specific Internet site with one button, then close it with a double-click on the same button. In Writer and Calc, you can have your most powerful and complicated macros on one row of buttons and simple functions like Bold, Undo, and Format Cell on another.

It’s very useful in games like World of Warcraft, because even without taking the joystick into account, you’ve got 16 commands within one click, 40 within two, and all 72 icons on the six action pages within just two double-clicks or less.”

Why I call it retro? Well, I’ve actually comparing the mouse with my 20 years old mouse and they are like twins, except the rounded design plus the glossy skin of the Open Office Mouse. This mouse will be available soon at the price mark of $75.

[via SlipperyBrick]

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