Dual Electronics XGPS300 GPS Cradle for iPod Touch

dual-electronics-xgps300-gps-cradleIf you have own one iPod Touch and wanna make it a little cleverer by adding GPS functionality on the device, granted! Dual Electronics XGPS300 GPS Cradle will help you get that feature just by docking your iPod Touch onto the cradle.

The Dual Electronics XGPS300 GPS device is virtually turning your iPod touch into an iPhone with some limitation to bear in mind (such as some apps won’t work well without the cradle). The XGPS300 GPS cradle has including NavAtlas turn-by-tun navigation app, rechargeable battery, built-in speaker, audio out port mini USB port and a windshield cradle.

Dual Electronics XGPS300 GPS Cradle will cost you about $180 to get one.

[Source GPSCradle via GadgetReview]

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