Matrox Unveils World’s First Single PCIe x16 to Power 8 Monitors


Amazing, this is amazing! Matrox is unveiling the world’s first PCIe X16 card that could sports up to 8 monitors simultaneously all at once. This is a wonderful gadget for monitor junkie who love to get bunch of monitors staring at them.


It might looks like an electronic octopus with 8 tentacles (if you have some little sense of humor, of course) because the device did come with 8 cables of miniDisplayPort to DisplayPort adapters. Matrox even has bundled the Matrox M9188 PCIe x16 card with a dedicated software for multiple monitor management.

Having 8 monitors all at once without many hub or device such as displaylinks nested behind your workspace is just purely wonderful because lesser cable hassle to take care of.


However, this wonderful PCIe x16 has quite a price to pay if you want to own one. The price tag of Matrox M9188 PCIe x16 is hovering above the level of one gaming laptop, which is at $1,995. Okay, it might sounds expensive, but when you really have to stuff your desktop with more 8 screen without this device, it will cost even higher.


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  • Anon

    While very cool, it is discouraging to see that it lacks an aux power plug. Seriously? That has to be some heavy draw for a PCI-e connection.

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