Microsoft Xbox 360 Project Natal Detail Leaked


Finally, after a long wait for the detail information about Microsoft Xbox 360 Project Natal, we have more news regarding this revolutionary gaming peripheral. Reported by Roland at Geeky Gadgets, Project Natal for Xbox 360 is going to go on sale worldwide in November 2010 under a very reasonable price tag.

This information was first received by British trade site MCV from some gaming industry source. The leak said that [probably a rumor] Microsoft will be manufacturing 5 millions of Project Natal as the kick start in the global market, with each package will cost user a mere $80 with up to 14 supportive games for the device.

If this rumor turns out to be true, I’m sure Microsoft is going to make a killing in the next Christmas season as $80 is affordable for most of the household who owns a Xbox 360.

[Source Kotaku, Gizmodo]

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