Splitable SmartPhone? That’s Fujitsu F-04B Phone

While Dell say they can slice Macbook Air into two with their Dell Adamo XPS, Fujitsu has silently going ‘harakiri’ or suicide by slashing their latest smartphone into two pieces painlessly, and magically the phone is still alive and you’ve got a whole new interface that filled with QWERTY keyboard! Well, is this a magician show?


Watch the video for more detail:

That is the Fujitsu F-04B phone. Normally, smartphone won’t stand a change to be split like the video. However F-04B is different. You will get one QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen component after splitting the phone into two. Leaving the 3.4-inch screen separately doesn’t mean it will become useless. Both device are actually connected seamlessly through wireless bluetooth connection.


Even better, according to the news this Fujitsu smartphone is also featuring a cool optional 6 lumens Pico projector with 854 x 480 screen resolution that’s quite nice for quick presentation purpose.

Unfortunately, no pricing detail revealed yet, but it should be available around March-April next year in Japan.

[via The Cool Gadgets, Coated]

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