Eco-Otome Toilet Sound Blocker


This Gadget is very useful for you when you are attending a crowded public toilet. It can help you ‘mask’ any kind of shameless sounds that you’ll ever make in toilet by playing noise of toilet flushing sounds. Just a push of button on this Eco-Otome Toilet Sound Blocker will set a toilet flushing sound effect for about 25 seconds long to cover up any noises. Well, I guess that’s long enough and I’m sure there is no other noises from you that might take as long as 25 seconds! :)

Eco-Otome Toilet Sound blocker is available in three different designs: pink has a cute ‘love’ mark; blue is decorated with a ribbon motif; white has a green slogan “save the earth”.

This little useful gadget will cost you a mere $19 a pop, a price that won’t shot a hole in your pocket. Even better, you can strap it to your Cell phone as a decoration (Well, IT IS a cell phone strap!).

[via Strapya World]

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