Hikari iFrame 7-inch DigiFrame and MID Combo Debuts

NTT has unveiled the latest combo gadget entitled as ‘Hikari iFrame’, an Android Powered Table that do multi-purpose serving as both Digital Picture Frame and a MID/Mobile Internet Device where you can surf the web in a portable manner.


The interface is a 7-inch touchscreen display, has a built-in speaker, alarm clock, USB port, SD card reader and Wi-Fi connectivity to allow you to go online via your nearest hotspot. Hikari iFrame has no keyboard, which means all your activity will be happened on the touchscreen panel. Though you might feel some sort of difficulty when you want to navigate to the web. Hikari iFrame is set to release on Japan next year, and the retail price is between $220 and $330.

[via UberGizmo, via Crunchgear]

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