Etch A Sketch FreeStyle Version


The Classic Etch A Sketch toy has been refreshed and makeover into a ‘FreeStyle’ version which bring down some sort of difficulty to give 3+ year old children a simple erasing-drawing method.

Etch A Sketch® Freestyle™ is Etch A Sketch with a TWIST! This exciting toy features a freestyle controller that swivels 360 degrees. Now you can draw lines, loops, curves and curly-Qs with ease! Shake to erase, just like the original Etch A Sketch. This toy is portable and ideal for travel. You get one free fun screen with your Freestyle. Dozens more screens featuring mazes, pictures to trace, etc. are available for download at

Quite strange and it seems the technology is dropping backward instead of moving forward. It’s has completely change the method of drawing using the 360 degrees. Well, if you would like your child to have this piece of ‘new breed’ Etch a Sketch FreeStyle, you can get it at World of Toys for $14.99.

[Product Page via Geeky Gadgets]

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