Samsung Corby Bluetooth Headset WEP490


Samsung has released Corby Bluetooth Headset dubbed as WEP490 to accompany their similar themed Corby phone. The Corby Bluetooth Headset WEP490 is available in several fresh and funky color selections such as Yellow, Orange, Pink and so on. The bluetooth itself carrying the specs of noise reduction, echo cancellation, automatic volume control, status LED indicator, and the bluetooth will be able to sustain as long as 6-hours, and can standby for 10 hours. Samsung Corby bluetooth headset WEP490 is worth $45 when it’s available in Russia.

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  • rebelhunter

    WEP490 offers variety of colors and they are fresh. The sound quality is awesome! However, if there happens to be a wall or a barrier between cell phone and Bluetooth Headset, its too bad that I can hear a bit of squeaking sound. It has Auto Volume Control which is absolutely convenient. WEP490 is a product to recommend.

  • doldjal

    I was really satisfied with Samsung WEP490. I sang to my girlfriend who lives overseas over the phone playing the piano. When I did a prior test to my friends I tried hanging the phone up and tried to lay the phone beside the piano but the sound quality was so bad that I ended up buying the Bluetooth Headset. I bought Samsung WEP490 and Im really satisfied with the sound quality. Though it was over the phone, I was happy to sing to my girlfriend like a concert and my girlfriend was totally impressed. So I got one for my girlfriend as well. The cute design and color seems to suit her. I told her to use it when shes walking outside since it is cold My girlfriend was really impressed.

  • babyruthie

    It’s very cute! Its only as big as two joints of a finger so its very portable. I definitely recommend it to females!

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