Nintendo DSi To Get As Strong As Wii Engine

nintendo-dsi-as-powerful-as-wii-tegra-2-processorAfter iPhone started their venture into the portable games, Apple’s has pushed both Nintendo and Sony to start taking more actions to compete with iPhone games. So what is the core action for both Nintendo and Sony for the fight back? According to the news, the future Nintendo DSi will be as strong as the current Wii engine, which mean there is more power allocated for the graphic & visual effects via Tegra 2 processor (with ARM11 architecture).

Meanwhile, Sony’s PSP will be coming with the quad core SGX543, an Xbox-level of processor that promises a better performance than Nintendo’s ARM11 processor. With this kind of processors added to the handheld consoles, no games on the current iPhone system can match unless Steve Jobs do an overhaul of their current iPhone system.

The new DSi ‘could be’ release early in the next year because the Tegra 2 processor will start its production in 2010. However, this news is still a rumor/unconfirmed because both Nintendo and Sony stay quiet on this rumor.

[via I4U]

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