Tamagochi Back To School with Tamagochi ID

Most of people thought Tamagochi has graduated from the school and it won’t come back to the surface of the trend again. Well, that’s all wrong because Bandai has pushed the little digital pets device back to school by releasing their newest Tamagochi ID that looks much better than the previous version.


The Tamagochi ID is available in 6 different taste of colors, and you can use the little digital pet device to downloading stuffs from the web via your cell phone and transmit the data to the Tamagochi ID via Infrared port. Of course, your cell phone has to be an infrared one and I guess there is no other way for the tamagochi to get additional items other then the infrared doorway.

So what you can download from the web for your little digital pets? A lot I guess, such accessories, mini games or rare items itself has an unlimited variation. The Tamagochi ID sports a color LCD Display, so although you still seeing your pet in the pixelated ways, the environment is better now! (Although you have a better option for the screen technology, such as Takara Tomy Yuruppy Tamagochi!)

However, I don’t know if you have to subscribe or pay money to buy their accessories and rare items. But I think that will be the destination of Bandai if they are going to make it huge like online MMORPG games.

[via AkihabaraNews]

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