Telescoping Ladder Is a Sturdy Retractable Ladder

Telescoping Ladder is an interesting retractable ladder with the minimum size at 2.5 feet long, while when you pull out to the maximum you’ll get a whopping long 12.5 feet sturdy ladder.


You can obviously stuff it to your storage easily because the retracted size is so small, unlike those kind of annoying folding ladder that eat up a whole lot of space vertically or horizontally. Telescoping Ladder is also made of a strong material such as Aircraft aluminum and steel connectors, so you can safely and peace-mindedly climb on it and stretch it to the maximum limit without worrying to break the ladder into two piece. That’s not gonna happen on this Telescoping Ladder. I’m sold, but sadly we couldn’t find out when the telescoping ladder is going to cost us…

[Product Page via Likecool]

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