CTRL+ALT+DEL Cups Design


Here is a ‘cruel’ cups design for PC user. CTRL+ALT+DEL is some kind of doorway to the hell for Windows, a key combination where you must push when something bad happen to your PC. Well, this CTRL + ALT + DEL cups design is not addressing the stressfulness that could occur on your desktop. The cups design is all about relaxing, where you can sip your favorite beverages in your roam time. It also let you introspect yourself while sipping, check if yourself have done the good/wrong path on your day when completing your jobs, and whether if you should hit your own ‘CTRL+ALT+DEL’ to fix your problems…


There are two color selections available, Black with inner white color and White with black inner color. CTRL+ALT+DEL cups available for US$23.90 at Gadget4All.

[via GearFuse]

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  • Ash2Dust

    If you are looking for these, I found them at http://www.widgetsandwedgies.com

    these are real funky products, especially if you are having a geek party 😉 I use them as dip bowls

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