Japan Self-Defense Force Sunglasses is an Anti-Bullet Eyewear

Japanese military has developed one sunglasses that is not only looking cool, it’s also do protect your eyes from strong force shot directly to your eyes. They named it as ‘Japan Self-Defense Force Sunglasses’, or you can also call it an Anti-Bullet eyewear in short.


This Anti-bullet sunglasses can hold up to 500g piece of iron dropped on it without hurting the glass, and the best of all, the glass won’t crack up / fracture even it’s hit by 0.3-inch object that flying as fast as 106mph. However, the sunglasses will protect your eyes only. If the ‘killer’ is professional enough, he/she will aim for an head shot instead of shooting your eyes. :)

Well, if you are willing to fork out $317 to own this unbreakable eyewear, then why not? It will let you looks cool, while at the same time protect your eyes from the invasion of super fast creatures that moves on the speed of 106mph that aim for your eyes.

[via ChipChick]

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