H2Orb Electronic Water Valve Helps You Detect Water Leaks


H2Orb is an excellent tool to detect water leak on your toilet tank without much hassle and your inclusion to keep watching. It’s almost impossible for us to know that our toilet tank is leaking due to the busy schedule we have, so this device can be your own personal guard in case your toilet tank is leaking somewhere unnoticed.

H2Orb Electronic water valve can even help you save money and prevent bloated water bill because of leaks, and it’s not hard to install because it has come with an easy installation guide. Well, how do this clever stuff works? Here is the explanation:

The H2Orb is an electronic water valve that attaches directly to the water valve behind the toilet. The system is designed with a dual sensing system that will not only eliminate toilet bowl overflows, but will detect any type of water leak.

A single float sensor hangs inside the toilet tank and monitors for toilet leaks 24 hours a day. When a leak happens, the H 2 Orb will shut off the water and alert the user of the leak with an audible alarm as will as an icon displayed on the integrated LCD screen. A second sensor can be attached under the toilet seat that senses a potential overflow and shuts off the water supply to the tank.

The whole system is runs on a single 3V lithium coin cell battery that could last for 5 years.


You can find the detail of of this H2Orb Electronic Water Valve at Aquaone (the product page).

[H2Orb Electonic Water Valve via Winarco]

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