OCZ Colossus SSD Hit the Retailers

ocz-colossus-ssd-1tb-retailedThe OCZ Colossus SSD is hitting the retailers now with a much higher price than what we have expected in August 2009. The 1TB version will score for $3397 while the 500GB will get half of the 1TB price at $1530. Hellish price, I assume. You can really get one super performance laptop at that price alone. However, SSD provide better protection for your important data. So if you have lots of data to store, you might consider spending some of your fortune on these OCZ Colossus SSDs.

The OCZ Colossus SSD is also available in 250GB and 120GB, both of the is priced at $820 and $438. Wow.

[via Crunchgear]

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