Intel Has Started to List 32nm Core i3/i5 Processors


Finally, the era of 32nm processor has come. Intel has fully listed their upcoming 32nm processors (mainly Core i5 and Core i3) along with the reasonable pricing factor. The processor will be launched on 2010, where you will get to see 6 new series from Core i3 to Core i5. Here is the detail of this so called ‘Clarkdale’ family:


According to the source, the Core i5 661 model is likely a store typo. There is no way (for now) the price to be set on €175.90 because this model has the highest-cloaked setting. The estimation for this model is about €200 or above depend on the merchant who sell it.

All of the processors (Core i3 and i5) has hyper-threading technology to handle up to 4 threads simultaneously. The processor also have 4MB of L3 cache, and dual channel DDR3-1333 memory controller.

[via TCMagazine]

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