The VEB612: ViewSonic New e-Reader


ViewSonic, the popular display manufacturer has jumped into the e-reader market by releasing their own VEB612 e-reader. This is a surprise attack to the market but no idea if Viewsonic can handle the fierce competition between the big branded e-reader such as Nook, Kindle or Sony Readers.

The Viewsonic VEB612 is looking similar with eslick reader, especially on the buttons location. The reader can read several formats such as ePub, PRC, PDF, HTML and simple TXT, and you can play MP3 audio files as well to accompany your reading time. 512MB has been built inside to store your media files, but if you feel it’s not enough you can expand to 4GB using SD cards.

Viewsonic VEB612 e-reader also have got a super long battery life (which is the plus point for the competition) that could let you read over 8,000 pages on a single full charges. However, unlike Nook or Alex Android e-Reader that have a colorful display, Viewsonic VEB612 offer no such thing. It’s just another black and white e-reader using e-ink technology.


Viewsonic VEB612 is retailing for $259. If you want to get one, you can go to B&H Photo to buy it.

[via ChipChick]

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