Pixel Qi Dual-Mode LCD to Ship in December

Do you remember the Pixel Qi e-Paper display from the last May? this dual mode LCD is going to ship soon in December and hope it will be just in time with the Christmas.


As a refresh, Pixel Qi (also known as 3Qi) is a screen that fully harnessing the technology of e-paper display allowing you to read your document under a bright sunlight. Founded by Mary Lou Jepsen, this screen is brighter than any other netbook display that you may find. You can see the Pixel Qi comparison over at Mary’s Blog, where you can see the side-by-side comparison between Kindle and Pixel Qi LCD, or Netbook display and the Pixel Qi dual-mode LCD.

Another good news brought by the company is they are currently working on a HDTV that will cost 10 watts of electricity when operating. That’s is one damn energy saving HDTV and potential electricity friendly gadget if it ever made to the market.

[via UberGizmo]

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