SWITCH: A Practical Tweak For Your ScrewDriver [Concept Design]

A designer at YankoDesign has come out with a brilliant idea about your conventional screwdriver and they have actually revolutionized it into a practical tool with much better grip. Take a look at the picture below for more detail:


Dubbed as SWITCH, this practical screwdriver is actually having the same shape. But inside, the designer has added some short of tricky space to let the metal shaft swivel 90 degrees perpendicular to the handle. In this position, of course you’ll have a better grip and can tighten your screws with more power than ever before. It also work reversely where you can easily remove tight screwed-on screws. Brilliant simple tweak to make a conventional tool to have a better functionality.



[Designers: Liu Yunlong , Jia Peng, Cheng Peng ,Wang Dongdong & Xin Yaoyao from JiangNan University]
[Concept: YankoDesign]

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