27-inch iMacs Gets Colorware Treatment, Too!

Colorware has once again stretching their hand to colorize another cool gadget. We have seen 4 other gadgets that have been colorized, such as the kindle 2 Colorware, Colorware for iPhone 3GS, the Blackberry Tour Colorware or the Colorized PS3 Slim Edition. Now, Colorware is going to colorize your 27-inch iMacs including the latest baby Magic Mouse.


The color treatment is going to cost you $500 if you send Colorware your own 27-inch iMacs, or you can directly purchase one from them by adding another $700 on the top of the cost of one new 27-inch iMacs. On the Magic Mouse section, you can get your own Magic mouse colored for $30 or directly purchase from them for $100.


That’s a lot of money to spend, I have to agree. But for you who’ve got a spare money and want to bring colors to your iMacs might love it anyway.

[Colorware via Gizmodo]

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