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Nintendo Monopoly: Buy Your Nintendo Properties Here

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Well, After getting on the Chess board as their playground, Mario and friends has invading the super popular Monopoly game. If you love both Nintendo Characters and Monopoly, this Nintendo Monopoly toy would spoiled you for sure.


Roll Donkey Kong’s barrel past go, collect your $200 and drive your friends into bankruptcy.
Own The Mushroom Kingdom

But we hear ya. You’re sayin’, “Monopoly takes FOREVER! I wanna kill my family members by the third hour! Mario isn’t going to make it any better!” (Gosh, you’re loud and demanding. Good thing we love you.) We’re happy to announce that Nintendo Monopoly comes with Speed Play rules that keep the game fast and fun. So not only does Nintendo-izing it make it better, it makes it as speedy as Mario when he’s high on invincibility star.


Nintendo Monopoly would be a great game for holidays, and you can actually made it as a christmas gifts for your cousins or nephews. ThinkGeek has it for $34.99 so if you want one you can go there to find more info.

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