Melty Chocolate Phones: Absolute Phone for Sweet Lovers

Love chocolate? Here is a cool cell phone masked in a tasty melty chocolate (at the front face) and it will be an absolute cool phone for sweet lovers.



These Tasty looking Melty Chocolate Phones are a design of Japanese Q-Pot. The chocolate phone comes in two tasty flavors of Melty bitter (brown) and Melty Strawberry (pink). The Chocolate design is not only a picture drew on a case, the chocolate is actually look as real as an edible chocolate. Inside the case, both system and UI is chocolate themed. the 3-inch screen will let you see your favorite chocolate model, while the 8MP camera would let your snaps the best chocolate design that you can find at the store.


Melty Chocolate Phone also has a built-in Japanese system TV tuner, which is a no brainer for local user (but not friendly with international sweet lovers). According to the news, Melty chocolate phone will be available for 13,000 lucky chocolate lovers only. So make sure get one before the stock running out.

[Source via FarEastGizmos, GizmoDiva, DVice]

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