Turns Your iPhone 3GS into a Universal Remote Control with RedEye

iPhone really does magic with its Millions of Apps and thousands of addons. Beside it can blow candle with its speaker with Blower App, now you can use your iPhone as a Universal Remote Control by using RedEye application and iPhone Dock.


RedEye device is not only capable of turning you iPhone into an universal remote control, it also can turns your iPod Touch into one, too. The universal remote control can be used as your HDTV, Cable Box or even your Blu-ray player’s remote control.


So how this device works? The Red Eye will works as a converter, where it will receive a WiFi signal from your iPhone or iPod, and then the WiFi signal is converted into an infrared before sending the signal to your AV equipment.

The RedEye device can even be programmed to do a range of macros and turn on multiple pieces of equipment at once after paired with the RedEye free application. So you can virtually power up all of your device on a touch of a button. Beautiful.

Check out the following video for more detail:

If you want one, RedEye is now available for $188 only. You’ll get one signal converter in form of a dock station and one Free iPhone application to control your devices.

P.S. If you feel the price it not worth it, you can get a dedicated universal remote control with Waterproof functionality from Sony for a cheaper price.

[Source: RedEye via: Gizmodo]

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