USBee Concept: Flexible USB Flash Drive with Smart Cooling System


USBee concept, similar to its name, the device was designed to mimic the shape of a bee. USBee is actually a normal USB flash drive, but it has an improve functionality and added some feature to allow a never-seen smart cooling system via the ‘stomach’ of USBee.

Crafted by Damjan Stanković, a smart Serbian design that love the idea of mixing nature with technology. He with his USBee Flash drive concept has won the first price of MS industrial USB competition, which was held by Serbian Design community forum DizajnZona.


USBee is Ergonomically designed to bend at life’s will in any direction, this USB flash drive features a vented housing for cooling(I did not realize these needed cooling), and a detachable protective cap that snaps onto the back end of the device when not in use.

No info yet when this concept is going to hit the real world. More pictures below:





[YankoDesign via The Cool Gadgets]

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