A $1,200 Solar Charger For Your Macbook

Would you like to get a $1,200 Solar charger for your Macbook? If ‘yes’ is your answer, then you should take your time looking at this newly designed Solar Charger called Apple Juicz Macbook Charger.


This Apple Juicz Macbook Chargger will provide you a storage for your Macbook, whether it is 13-inch, 15-inch or 17-inch and at the same time this bag-like charger will juice up your Macbook with its built-in solar panel, and it can fully charge your Macbook in just six hours.

There are two versions available to choose, one is 55 watts while the other is only 27 watts. The only problem that might make you ‘nay’-ing is probably back to the price, again. So, do you willing to pay $1,200 to get a solar charger for your Macbook? Or at least willing to drop the money on the table for the 27 watts version for $700? If ‘Yes’, then go ahead get one for yourself. :)

[via Geeky-Gadgets]

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