Cancer Trust Supported By Frank Lampard with Signature Gold Plated iPod Touch

Beside performing amazingly in the football field as the Chelsea captain, Frank Lampard is also a generous man who’s willing to support the Teenage Cancer trust charity using his signature in 24K Gold plated iPod Touch designed by Goldgenie.


The 24K gold plated iPod Touch was coated in the 8GB, 16GB and 32GB model and it also comes with standard one-year guarantee. This Frank Lampard laser engraved signature gold iPod touch can be found at London’s famous Harrods store but we have not yet come to understand how much it will cost you to own one. However, the charity organizers believes that the 24K gold coated iPod touch will become an exceptional items and a wonderful gift for Frank Lampart die-hard fans and football fans.

[GivemeFootball via BornRich]

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