LG To Launches Full HD 3D LCD Monitor Next Year

Korea is the first country to get the 3D TV show and LG want to act upon it by releasing another one of Full HD 3D LCD Monitor after their 42LH50 or 47LH50 models. LG New Full HD 3D LCD Monitor is featuring a 23-inch LCD display, where it the images is viewable only if you are wearing a special shutter glasses. Similar to most of 3D LCD Monitors, the image will looks blur with bare eyes. Here is the example:


Mr. Davis Lee, LG Display’s Vice President and head of IT marketing department, noted “LG Display has made a major breakthrough in the display industry race to deliver the depth and dynamic nature of 3D images. LG Display will continue with efforts to keep pace with the fast growing 3D market with leading 3D technology and products in order to create new value for customers.”

The only missing thing is we have not yet to known what is the price tag for this LG Full HD 3D LCD Monitor. According to the press release, the 3D monitor will be shipped some time in 2010 but no idea with the retail price and exact date of release.

Press Release via Far East Gizmos]

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