Intel Stuffed 48 Cores in Single Chip Cloud Computer

Amazing, Intel has crossed another huge milestone by stuffing up to 48 cores into one HCIP that will be used as SCC or what we known as Single Chip Cloud computer. According to Intel, This massive chip concept will cost power as much as two household light bulbs (though they don’t actually stated the light bulb’s size).


For the kick start to perfecting this chip concept, Intel will send 100 of this prototype processors to researchers next year 2010. Intel’s goals in the future is to produce system (laptops) with processing capability of having a “vision” in the same way a human can see objects and motion as it happens and with high accuracy.

“With a chip like this, you could imagine a cloud datacenter of the future which will be an order of magnitude more energy efficient than what exists today, saving significant resources on space and power costs,” said Justin Rattner, head of Intel Labs and Intel’s Chief Technology Officer. “Over time, I expect these advanced concepts to find their way into mainstream devices, just as advanced automotive technology such as electronic engine control, air bags and anti-lock braking eventually found their way into all cars.”


Though there is no news when we at consumer level could enjoy 48-core processor while the Quad Core model is still expensive, but it’s certainly an interesting stuff to see how far our technology could be developed.

[Intel via Geeky Gadgets]

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