3Dinlife X5 Collection Version DV Player with Gold-Plated 3D Camera

Check out this bornrich gadget that has been made exclusively for those with lots of money to burn. 3Dinlife X5 Collection Version DV player is a 3D camera with 24K real gold plated, paired with laser-etched signature and a VIP Gold Card.


This 3Dinlife X5 Collection Version DV Player 3D Camera is featuring a multimedia stereo video filming, signal processing, storage, data transmission, display, an ability to share and play functions nad real-time viewing of 3D visual effect while recording. 3Dinlife X5 Colection Version DV Player should be a great 3D digital camera that could both lift up your lifestyle and giving you the rare experience that you’ll never have with casual digital camera.

[Redferret via BornRich]

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